Reading Resources

Welcome to the Milton Bradley Reading Resource Page!


Completing 15 minutes a day on I-Ready is a great way to develop your child’s reading skills.  I-Ready is an individualized program that delivers lessons that are appropriate for your child.  The lessons are not too easy and not too hard.  We strive for students to reach 45 minutes per week and to pass 80% of their lessons.

Word Work is essential for students in Grades K-2 learning how to read.  Click on the link below to find some fun interactive games you can play as well as some Apps you can download to a tablet.


Each grade level has a list of sight words that students must know before moving on to the next grade.  These words are words that do not follow the typical spelling patterns in the English language, and they are also words that are commonly found in grade level texts.  A great way to practice them is by building them with magnetic letters, making flashcards (a few at a time), hanging them up within the house, and finding them in books.  Below you will find all grades K-5 list of sight words.

Click below for sight word lists organized by grade level. 


Adding the closed captioning feature onto your TV is also a great way for students to get in some reading!  Research has shown that adding this feature aids in the learning of comprehension, accuracy, engagement, and retention.

Click below for the text Sets for Kindergarten and First Grade.

Below you will find great activities to support your child’s reading and writing skills at home.